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58.5mm (Standard) / 53.5mm (Breville/ Sage) Puck screen v2, 1.7mm Thick w Optional Stand

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A primary concern with the version 1 puck screen is that it is hard to clean. A simple cafiza or any other detergent soak of the puck screen will reveal the amount of old coffee it conceals. This version greatly improves on the ease of cleanliness by removing the large interior surface areas where coffee grounds can get stuck. Rinsing is suffice, no need for detergent cleans. Performance on extraction and keeping the shower screen cleans remains great.

Made with 2 distinct layers of 316L stainless steel, this puck screen will even out the flow of water and help to hold the puck together, preventing it from disintegrating under pressure which causing channeling and spurts. Extraction will be smoother, even and balanced. This dual layer design provides improved performance over single layer screens; use with the coarser side up. Cleaning will be a breeze even with under-dosed basket; pucks will be solid and come out cleanly. Shower screen will remain clean for a long time to come, saving precious cleaning time.

If you were to opt for laser engraving, we can engrave any images, messages, text or icons. Do send us an image after purchase. Note that engraving performance on this product will not be as good as the V1 puck screen. Finer details will not show up because of the big holes.

All products will be shipped via Registered Package (international), tracking provided. Do consider buying our other products to save on shipping.

Care instructions:
Wash thoroughly with water after use.
Divots developing in the middle of the screen is normal and does not affect capabilities. This will be especially apparent if there's a protruding screw on the shower screen.

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