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Feet for Linea Mini / Linea Micra / GS3 La Marzocco V2

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We designed and made these because of how the stock legs were leaving black rubber marks on the counter top after some time. These legs are made of SS304 Stainless steel which is a stronger and more durable material compared to aluminum legs. As such, they are very heavy, weighing 320g (0.7lb) per set for 25mm and 680g (1.5lb) per set for 50mm. Tested with both Linea Mini and GS3.

2023 edit. Added Aluminum due to popular demand. Aluminum is silver compared to the grey of stainless steel. It is lighter than stainless steel (1/3 the weight, coming in at 250g (0.5lbs) for a set of 4 tall legs) but yet is strong, being able to carry 400kg (900 lbs, weight of 10 GS3) on 4 feet.

2023 Dec edit. Added <25mm 1" Alu (Micra)> option due to popular demand. Designed specifically for Linea Micra and made of Aluminium. 

The V2 comes with a recess to hold the silicone pad in place. The silicone pad is also smaller (20mm in v2 vs 30mm in v1) to hide it underneath the feet. It also comes in a taller version now for storage of scales underneath the machines.

Comes in a set of 4 legs.
1) 25mm (1") tall and 30mm at the base (1.2") with included non-slip silicone pad (2mm thick).
2) 50mm (2") tall and 30mm at the base (1.2") with included non-slip silicone pad (2mm thick).

Easy installation; unscrew existing feet and screw on new feet.

All products will be shipped via Registered Package (international), tracking provided at no extra cost to you.

Do not slide machine around after installation of non-slip silicone pad, lift only. Pushing the machine may cause separation of the feet and the non-slip pad.