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Dosing cup Blind Tumbler, Shaker style with wood lid

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Blind shaker, tumbler style dosing cup with a customizable wooden lid.
Made with annodized aluminum, smooth with minimal retention and coffee grounds sticking to the edges. Wooden lid as a accent to match your set up
Fits 58mm and 53/54mm portafilters

The dosing cup is compatible with 58mm as well as 53/54mm portafilters, making it a versatile accessory for various espresso machines. Its design aids baristas in reducing static, minimizing channeling, and ultimately increasing the extraction yield for every shot, promising a consistent improvement in the quality of espresso.

If you were to opt for laser engraving, we can engrave any messages, text or icons. Do send us an image after purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Obvious design flaws - the lid doesn't secure the funnel at all so that it rattles and even spills coffee when shaking - a relatively easy fix with some pieces of packing foam but still ridiculous considering that it is after all a shaker. The lid looks nice but ends up amplifying retention greatly, both in the sides of the shaker as coffee gets in between the lid and the shaker walls and in the indentation for the funnel in the middle. Some weird holes as if designed for magnets in the bottom of the shaker. Overall looks good but leaves you wodering if the product was tested at all before commercial release