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Espresso Shot Mirror Magnetic/ adhesive for Bottomless Portafilter (adjustable) - Walnut/ Bamboo / Maple

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Observe your espresso shots without having to crouch down. This mirror is framed with wood (bamboo, walnut or maple) and attached to a ball joint to allow for fine angle adjustment. The base consist of a rubberized magnet for it to magnetically attach to your espresso machine. A steel adhesive plate will also be provided as a mounting point for machines which are non-magnetic. For lever style machines like La Pavoni & Flair, this mirror is absolutely critical as there's no other way to observe your espresso shots while applying 6-9 bars of pressure.

We came up with this after experiencing strain dialing in our espresso shots. Existing products were either unsatisfactory or prohibitively expensive and thus we decided to make one. Diameter of mirror with frame is 7cm, diameter of just the mirror is 6cm.

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Care Instructions:
Do not soak or submerge in water.
Hand Wash Only.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally.

First photo by kankankavee